Wondering whether you still want to travel or where to visit? There are reasons why  you should travel in May and why you should visit Uganda this month.

Many companies offer discounted rates during this period. Travel with almost a half of the cost that you would spend during the other months.

There are gorilla permits discounts in the months of April, May and November. This gives you ample time to plan well for your Safari. This tour in May gives you experience with privacy. To ensure that you make the best of your safari, ensure that at least a gorilla trek is included.

When it gets to the month of  June/ July/ August a lot of people are on holiday. It is therefore an opportunity for you to have a game drive in one of Ugandan parks and be sure that no other tourist is obstructing your view, perfect for photography and you are not worried of chasing the wild wherever they go just because the early rises sent them into hiding.

During the rains, chances are at a 90% that you are able to see the Tree climbing lions of Ishasha on the fig trees. Think about having the day off watching lions resting on the trees. The animals also look for new breeding grounds that are drier and are near their prey that is abundant in the park looking for food.

Easier to book a flight since available seats are in abundance and flight ticket substantially lower than when purchased in June/ July/ August/ September/ December/ January. Take this advantage and pay the lowest rates but also enjoy the best service.

In the peak seasons, availability in accommodation units is unreliable. Instead of having to plan your travel very early, why not take this chance, visit Uganda and sleep in the most luxurious lodges that you would have wanted to sleep in but can not simply because they are over booked.

It is also speculated that during in the coming months the exchange rate might increase thereby implying that you will pay more than what you would pay for today.

Published By:

Whitney Achieng Okumu

Marketing Executive at Pinnacle Safaris



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